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Concept boutiques and cafes are becoming quite popular these days. They’re so rampant that you shouldn’t be surprised if the house next door turned into one. In fact, one just opened nearby. One that’s called FASHIONOLOGY.

And being the frickin millennial that I am, I was practically compelled to check it out and so I went.


Basically, Fashionology is a boutique and café, where you can shop, dine and play. (I literally just copied the words off their banner… WTF.)

There are currently 2 Fashionology branches : 1 in Imus and another in Molino. The one i’m featuring here is the bigger branch, the one in Molino which is a few back flips away from Jollibee Molino and Southeast Asian Medical Center. Stores open from 10am to 10pm.


Stepping inside Fashionology is every online buyer’s dream. The boutique currently houses a collaboration of 92 online sellers (I repeat: ninety two! This is not a drill!) sitting side by side in vertical modules. If Instagram were a marketplace, it would literally look like this.

Online sellers.JPG

The products that you normally see being sold by sellers on Instagram are actually tangible, physical things here that you can see, feel, try on and inspect. And the best part: no shipping fee! Hurray.

Can you believe the assortment of goodies here ?! It’s crazy. Which has led me to this scientific comparison :

Pro: So. Much. Stuff. to choose from. Great!

Con: So. Much. Stuff. it’s so uncomfortably cramped. Not so great… but whatever.


There are no shortage of kawaii stuff here. If you’re a fan of quirky designs or looking to buy a gift for someone, it’s the perfect place to start. They have all sorts of Everything it’s impossible to leave empty handed.


One caveat though: the assumption is because Fashionology is acting only as a house and a host, any transaction between you and the online seller is out of their hands. This means returns and exchanges for whatever reason should be directed to the online seller and not to Fashionology itself.


I got hungry from all the shopping! If only there was a cafe nearby? Oh look! On the second floor of the Boutique, you’ll find a cafe. What are the chances?

the cafe.JPG

Of course, you can’t open a concept cafe these days without: one, a chalkboard wall; two, exposed Edison lightbulbs; and three, signage. Don’t be fooled tho, the walls are covered by stone wall decals. Yes, they’re not real. No, don’t ask me why.

To set the mood, there’s also music which is literally whatever’s hot on the pop charts.

Also a trend for cafes these days is to have board games, and they have it too. Plus points: they have a small play area for the kids, who I think ate all the toys because there seem to be none left except for a few pieces of large-sized legos. Seriously, kids. Stop.



There are a few choices on the menu, but don’t get your hopes too high up because there’s a big chance what you want isn’t available, depending on your zodiac sign.

The food up top set us back this much :

Spaghetti  Surprise – P140 | Carbonara – P115 | Chicken Fingers – P100

Medium Frappe – P135 | Hot Choco – P110

There’s not much to look forward to in terms of food, so don’t get too excited. The food is just meant to accompany you while you chill with your friends, and not be like the main attraction or when you really want to eat awesome food. No! For me, the food was OKAY at best. But still, okay is much better than crap. Or starving. It’s your call.


Is there Parking ? Yes. | Is there Wifi ? Yes. | Is there a Comfort Room ? Yes.

 Is there a Fitting Room ? Yes. Is it Air-conditioned ? Also Yes.


Overall, it was a nice experience. I’ll surely go back to see what’s new in their racks downstairs. They do have an interesting quirky collection 🙂

Hey, if you want to check them out, they’re also visible online :


Photo 06-07-2016, 6 48 28 PM.jpg

Thanks for reading this post! You’re the best 🙂

I tend to feature places in the south side of Manila every week, so drop by again to find out more cool places you can check out for yourself.

You’re awesome.

Til next!





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