Skincare | OST C20 Vitamin C Serum

OST Cosmetics C20 Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum

This is my first foray into advanced skin care. If you’ve been reading my previous beauty posts, you know I’m only beginning to be nicer to my skin. (and also because I want to get rid of adult acne. P*+@~$*!#+!!

I have tried Western skin care in the past, as well products from the derma’s clinic. See below :

But I wasn’t getting close to improving my skin. (Let’s save that for another blog post!)

So, I decided to try Korean skin care this time. After all, I’m here picking my nose clueless of where to begin, and they’ve already developed a 10-step skin care system. Makes you think the ladies there have a lot of free time. Anyway speaking of a lot, After A LOT of research, and I mean a shit ton of research, I came up with products I could try. And so…

Let’s start with OST C20 Vitamin C Serum and see if it works!


The OST C 20 is contained in a dark amber bottle which is a good thing. Vitamin C serums are photosensitive and direct exposure to sunlight may cause it to oxidize. Oxidation happens when the product is exposed to air and light for a prolonged period of time. When this happens, your serum will turn brown and has likely lost most, if not all, of its potency. Not only will the product no longer reach it’s full effectiveness, you’re also setting your skin up for irritation if you have sensitive skin.

Also, I’m not making this shit up. Or am I? 😀

Read : Vitamin C Serum Oxidation


A 30 ml bottle costs P850, which is pretty affordable for highly concentrated vitamins. Serums usually cost upwards of P1,000 so this one’s actually one of the more affordable options. Yeah, I mean, you can find cheaper ones with lower potency too, so if you want to, you can start with those.

I’m not sure if this is available in malls? But I do know they’re available online at The Skin Care Curator and Beauty MNL. I personally bought mine from The Skin Care Curator because I found the registration easier and the prices considerably cheaper than Beauty MNL. (The items I bought arrived the next day, too!) But hey, I’m not closing my doors to other sites.

Vitamin C Serum.jpg


Pretty high concentration of Vitamin C as compared to other available Vitamin C serums which are usually at only 10 – 15%. This OST serum has a high percentage of Vitamin C at 20%.

The Vitamin C here is in the form of Ascorbic Acid, and L-Ascorbic Acids in Vitamin C Serums besides being the most popular form, are also known to oxidize quicker than other more stable forms of topical vitamin Cs.

Case in point :

Photo 24-08-2016, 5 20 04 PM.jpg

After only 3 weeks, the C20 Serum has oxidized a bit and has changed a few shades darker.


4 – 5 drops should be enough to cover the whole face. Simply put a few drops on your fingers and lightly pat the product onto your skin. “Patting” the product is important to push the product into the skin for more effective absorption. Do you know how much emotional maturity it takes to “pat” product on my face instead of just violently scrubbing and manhandling the skin on my face?! Makes me feel like I got shit under control and I actually know STUFF. I’m “patting” on my skin like the friggin adult that I am, obviously.

This serum is non sticky and easily glides on the skin. Best to use in your night time beauty regimen.


To be able to tell whether this product “works”, we have to define first what we expect from this Vitamin C Serum.

Vitamin C has potent antioxidant properties capable of reversing some signs of aging and reduces age spots. However, the main benefit of using Vitamin C serum is that it’s a natural bleaching agent that can lighten the skin including sun spots and uneven skin tone. It can also repair cells to give the skin a healthier look.

That being said, what I mainly want out of this serum is its skin brightening promise. I want to reduce, if not completely remove, my acne scars and sun spots. I just want a clear face dammit!! Why is it so damn hard to achieve?! I am crying inside about this.

Before and After.jpg
Before and After 3 weeks of regular use of OST C20 Vitamin C Serum


I must admit, I’m pretty happy about the outcome considering this is my first shot at using a Vitamin C Serum.

Personally, I noticed that my skin has brighten and my sunspots were slowly fading in just 1 week. But that’s just me, because I stare at my face every single day.

After 2 weeks, bae finally noticed the positive changes too. (Did I just say “bae?” LOL WTF) He did say in passing that my skin got brighter. Then he grabbed his Tostitos and proceeded with his life.

I mean… my sun spots aren’t COMPLETELY gone, but it has reduced significantly after just three weeks. I’m not even halfway in using this product. Can you imagine if I use this long term?! Right?! Right?! So there IS a beauty god after all!

Also, this is the very first Vitamin C Serum that I’ve tried, and it turned out really well. I’m quite positive about the next products I’m going to try! Although I’m not sure my wallet is as excited as me.

So anyway, there you have it. My play by play recount of the OST C20 Vitamin C Serum.

If you’re not yet using concentrated vitamins on your face, do it and do it now! 😀


T L B C 


*Disclaimer: I bought this product with my own money and gave my honest to goodness opinion in this review

One thought on “Skincare | OST C20 Vitamin C Serum

  1. Hi! How many time do you use the serum per week? Did you slowly introduced the product or used it on a regular basis immediately? I just received mine today and don’t have any idea on how to use it. Thanks!


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