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There’s a new chill spot in Evia for all my sweets loving peeps of the south, and you’ll be delighted to know it’s both delicious AND affordable.

Cold Layers first opened in Greenhills around year 2011, closed shop and moved to Fisher Mall in Quezon City where they still are now. A few years later, they opened a new branch in Evia Daang Hari and is now on its soft opening and we sure are glad about it!

Let’s take a peek at their cafe! (Which is really me saying let’s eat everything on the menu, basically.)


cold layers evia daang hari

The cafe is really chill but made lively by its bright interior. There’s a pop of color in every corner that’s sure to liven up the gloomiest of days and the lowest of spirits! One thing’s for sure: There’s no shortage of neon colors here.


The place has its own wifi connection and the password is available by request to the staff. Currently, the only payment method accepted is Cash payments only, so no credit or debit card payments. They also don’t charge customers any service fee which is nice, but don’t forget to leave a tip. The servers are really nice and accommodating. ❤ They don’t have their own restroom, but there’s a nearby restroom a few steps away.


cold layers evia

Up top, you can see the stars of their show, the Snow Ice. They also have cakes and pastries and cake slices range from P110 to P150, depending on the flavor.

Also, did you know that they serve rice meals? And look! All Day Breakfast. Any cafe that serves All Day Filipino Breakfast is a friend of ours! ❤ Can you imagine waking up at 5pm and thinking… “hey, what’s for breakfast?” and you can actually have it?! Oh, what a glorious glorious life.


cold layers menu 1

cold layers menu 2

I’m happy to report that everything on the menu is reasonably priced and apparently, romantically titled. LOL. Only You? Meant to be? First Kiss? Oh c’mon… (bitter much) Let’s Split. Oh there we go, much better. 😀


Potato Wedges – P120 Was a steal. We were pleasantly surprised to find a generous serving of potato slices for P120. This one’s an easy choice to order for groups and the dip was cheesy and creamy and delicious!

Bacon Carbonara – P220 Looked soupy and the sauce didn’t adhere to the pasta, probably because they used the wrong kind? And the herb overpowered the supposed creaminess of how carbonara should be… but hey, there’s a shit ton of bacon here, and all you need in life is BACON. The WORLD only needs bacon. Poverty? Get them bacon. Terrorists? They’re probably angry because they have never had bacon in their lives. Get them bacon. See?

Blueberry Cheesecake – P130 The cheesecake was okay, a bit dry to be honest. But I was craving for cheesecake for weeks and it did the job of filling that void in my life.


cold layers ice
Deep Temptation – P130

This is their house specialty : the Snow Ice.

I can explain this. So… uhm… funny story actually… the food server brought in the snow ice we ordered and just when we were about to take a spoonful, all of a sudden this brightly lit UFO type thingy came down from nowhere… and… I don’t know, I must have passed out because when I woke up the snow ice was all gone. Can you believe that? Those aliens, I’m telling you. Un-freakin-believable.

True story.

So then naturally we had to order the exact same one, right? OBVIOUSLY.

cold layers shaved ice

The snow ice is so thin but so tasty! This, my friends, is now a top contender in my Favorite Desserts of All Time and it’s NOT an easy list!

This stuff is literally what your childhood dreams are made of. The flavors are oh so familiar and tasty, and you just want to savor every second but just when you’re ready to swallow the goodness, the ice has already melted. Gone. Forever. Just like your ex-boyfriend who walked out on you for another girl. And so you reach for another scoop and another and another. But unlike your ex-boyfriend, this Snow Ice is actually worthy of a second chance. And a third. And a fourth. You get the point.

The snow ice also comes in a variety of flavors, from common chocolate, vanilla, cheese, and mango to more innovative ones like avocado, green tea, and peanut butter. There’s also no shortage of toppings to come with the ice.


Alright! I cannot wait to be back here! I can’t wait to bring my family here so they too can obsess with me. If we can manage to find a parking spot in Evia, that is. Bottom line, they serve good ice, and that’s always nice!

For whatever reason, you can email Cold Layers at, you can check out their Facebook page right HERE and their Instagram page right HERE.

Cold Layers Cafe is at :

2nd Floor Evia Lifestyle Center, Vista City and

3rd Floor Fisher Mall, Quezon City



I was excited to bring my family here and so we went here yesterday 😀 I’m delighted that they loved the place as much as I did ❤

We ordered the Potato Wedges again and it was a big hit. Here are a few other things we tried :

cold layers sandwich.jpg


The BLT sandwich (Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato) – P190 which we asked to be split for 4 and the people were nice enough to do it for us 🙂

cold layers first kiss.jpg


First Kiss – P140 I was feeling extra fruity yesterday and so this is what I ordered. Tasted really good! But nothing beats chocolate  snow ice….

cold layers chocolate.jpg

Plain Chocolate – P110 flavorful, delicate, and dreamy ❤

Thanks for joining me in this foodventure!

You guys are awesome.

Til next post!

T L B C 


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