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Konnichiwa, tadaima!

I don’t know what I just said, but i’m pretty sure it sounded Japanese, and I thought it goes well with our Featured Restaurant this week.

There are days when you just crave Japanese food. That’s an inevitable part of life we should all learn to live with and love. I’ve embraced the fact that a few times a week, I’ll dream about eating a tray of delectable california maki topped with Japanese mayo and dipped in trusty Kikkoman, or on rainy days, a bowl full of comforting ramen.

There’s no need to fight those cravings you guys. Give in and indulge. Lucky for us, there’s no shortage of Japanese restaurants in the Philippines. In fact, we’ve totally embraced the ramen culture.

It was that craving that led ThatLaidBackChic to Tetsu Japanese Restaurant.

Tetsu Japanese Restaurant isn’t new. The one in SM Southmall opened about 2 years ago, closed shop for a while and then reopened this year with a brand new look. They serve authentic Japanese dishes and I mean the whole shebang. Ramen, sushi, tempura, maki, and even Wagyu beef.



Tetsu Southmall recently got a makeover, and we’re liking the change. The walls are a dark wenge paired with teak wood tables and chairs, giving you a casual and homey feel, contrasted with bright red accents which is then also contrasted by soft pink cherry blossoms. That’s a lot of contrast, but most definitely chill and relaxed.

The place is spacious and unrestricted and I like that they didn’t try to squeeze in so many seating. It’s still casual dining making it a perfect spot for families and friends.


At first glance, the price per dish seem steep, but that’s because the servings are generous and good for sharing. (Again, or not, depending on your hunger level and sheer selfishness).

There are things on the menu that are definitely costly, (almost extortionate!) But that’s because I’m talking about the Japanese Wagyu beef selection 😀 (P1,300 per dish, anyone?)

But if you’re like me who made it a religion to get the most bang out of my buck, then get something off the promo like the Shokado special bento meal promo. (I’ll tell you all about it later.)

There’s something for every price range. If there’s anything you don’t understand in the menu, don’t be shy to ask the food server. They know shit and are very nice to customers 🙂


We ordered the Crunchy California Maki (8 pieces) – P260 | Gyouza (5 pieces dumplings) – P160 | Hiroshima Shoyu Ramen – P280 and their current special bento meal promo, Shokado A – P338 (you can choose from a whole bunch of combos; I chose the A combination) which has a bit of everything and probably more than you can eat in one sitting.

I am not kidding. The Shokado literally has everything – Your choice of Ramen, Tempura, Beef Teriyaki, Tori Karaage, fried vegetables, a salad, a bowl of rice, a glass of iced tea AND a scoop of vanilla ice cream, all for P338. I mean, can you say VALUE?!

Needless to say, everything on our table tasted delicious! Paired with the right sauces – perfection! Cravings satisfied.



Here are the deets you need to know.

Tetsu Japanese Restaurant is located at the Food Street of SM Southmall right beside Sambokojin. Walk ins are most definitely welcome, but they also accept reservations. They have Wi-Fi, don’t have in-house restroom or wash area, accepts cash and card payments, and for the time being, they’ve removed their 10% service charge as a promo for the whole month of September.

So: If you want to know more about Tetsu Japanese Restaurant, you can teleport to their Facebook page right HERE, visit their official website right HERE, or old school call them at Tel: 02-511-8734.

gochisōsama deshita!

giphy (1).gif

Thanks for joining me in this foodventure!

You guys are awesome.

Til next post!

T L B C 

*Disclaimer: I paid for the meal with my own money and gave my honest insights. This is in no way a paid advertisement.


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