Grub alert!

Buku Buku Kafe’s second branch is now on its soft opening at the food street of SM Southmall, just in front of Zark’s Burger and will have its grand opening day on December 8, 2016 Thursday.

When you’re craving for some delicious nosh or just looking for a place to chill, Buku Buku Kafe pretty much has got you covered. I found the food to be reasonably priced (note: not necessarily cheap) but surely a bang for your buck, a cafe that really has something different to offer.

Read the whole feature for food pics and full menu 🙂




Colorful graffiti, old black and white photos, books for sale, and a quieter more isolated second floor if you find the ground floor too occupied and busy.


The second floor.


Here’s some lovely industrial decor for all you hipsters out there.

There are plenty of books here for you to read whether for skimming, light reading or something engrossing to finish from cover to cover. There are also small shelves housing books that are actually for sale.

It would be a betrayal if they didn’t, because “Buku Buku” literally means “many many books” in Bahasa.











Because all you need in this world is love.

……… and cake. buku-buku-kafe-longsilog

Here’s a generous serving of their Longsilog for only P165. The cafe has their own recipe for the longanisa and it’s def worth a try. Pair this with their special pinakurat vinegar and it’s orgasm in your mouth.


Batikolon Skewers, 2 sticks for P180. This is pretty steep and not worth the price, but I tried it just for the heck of it. Bad idea. Bad bad idea. This dish is hella spicy!! If you’ve never had tears, mucus and sweat flood you all at once, this is your ticket.


The Black Arroz Caldo at P199. I initially thought P200  is too much for a rice porridge, but this is no ordinary porridge, no sir. It’s an all star cast and has a generous serving of steamed chicken… a quarter of a chicken to be exact, and it’s super filling. Interestingly flavorful and  a must-try.

Smoothies are at P179 per glass. The left one is the Strawberry Much smoothie which was ah-mazeballs! It’s tropical, it’s sweet, it’s foamy, and it has candy sprinkles. Oh unicorns and rainbows! The other one is the Healing Lemon smoothie which is surprisingly sour at first and not too sweet but I eventually learned to like it after a few sips. It’s actually quite refreshing tbh. And you’re probably thinking “why does she have two smoothies?” Because why the hell not.


Buku Buku Kafe is versatile in a way that they can cater to families and groups but at the same time have a spot for the lonesome introvert.


A few note-worthy things : It’s cute how they re-purpose old telephone directory pages as plate mats. They have a spot for you to post your #Feels downstairs, and despite the cafe giving the impression that they want you to stay for long (hello, books) the chairs are actually not that comfortable which is a way of saying “no, dont’ stay THAT long.” Touche, Buku Buku. Touche.

Yes the place is well ventilated

Yes they have high chairs available for the tiny humans

No they don’t have wifi

Yes they accept cash and credit card payments

Yes, they’re available for reservations

And Yes, they have a restroom.


So, if you want to visit the place, again it’s at the Food Street of SM Southmall in Las Pinas, close to Door 5 and just in front of Zark’s Burger.

From what I know, (but really, are you sure you trust what I know?) The parent Buku Buku Kafe in Imus occasionally holds events and workshops like poetry reading, open mic night, calligraphy workshop and whatnot. Hopefully they bring some of that in Las Pinas too.

If you happen to be in the Imus area, their parent branch is at the second floor of The District Mall Imus. Stalk their Facebook page right HERE, their Instagram right HERE, send them a chain email at or a prank call at (02) 805 4632. Just kidding. Who makes prank calls these days. It’s not the friggin 90’s. Oh yeah, and featured the branch in Imus a few months back, they have more pictures, and even a backstory. It’s frankly a much better article so if you want to see that, click the link that is right HERE.

Thanks for joining me in this foodventure!

You guys are awesome.

Til next post!

T L B C 

*Disclaimer: I paid for the meal with my own money and gave my honest insights. This is in no way a paid advertisement.


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