Meet That Laid Back Chic



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About That Laid Back Chic

This blog is a desperate reminder to chill the fuck out.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a Ride or Die Chick. I’m not a fly by the seat of my pants girl. You know moment to moment type. If we’re going somewhere, I have to know the details. ALL the details. I gotta know what to expect so I can come prepared! The worst thing you can do to me is to surprise me. I hate not being prepared for anything. I’m a mom. I gotta take my daughter to ballet in the morning, and I can’t do that DEAD. So I gotta know.

And if we’re on the same boat, can we drop the checklists, the itineraries and the timetables for a while and just… chill?

Let’s escape a little bit! Let’s play! Let’s go to that hip food park you found online! No shit, let’s just GO.


About Yani

Yani is a young-ish person based south of Manila. A newbie wife and mom, a so-so freelancer, an irritating perfectionist, and an expert procrastinator. If she’s not working on her blog, you can find her pinning things on Pinterest, browsing on Shopee, re-watching How I Met Your Mother and writing about herself in third person. What a creep-o.

Her favorite things include : Sarcasm, vintage finds, desserts, Taron Egerton, and the words “oh, wow!”

And has an intense dislike for : Idiots, frogs, loud people, and somehow… Gigi Hadid.

She’s on Facebook sharing her favorite articles and various inappropriate memes.

Follow her on Twitter where she re-tweets random stuff clever people come up with.

She rarely post on Instagram and is just there stalking everyone else…

But has a bajillion imaginary things on Pinterest that are worth checking out!


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