Meet That Laid Back Chic


About That Laid Back Chic

Life is short and we’re not promised tomorrow. That Laid Back Chic is for those who seek to enjoy their lives NOW.  It’s about reveling in simplicity so we have more time and energy to spend with the people we value and do more of what we love. It’s about sticking our middle fingers to rules and expectations that confines us and give way to what’s important to US. That Laid Back Chic hopes to inspire you to live life on your own terms and indulge in all the goodness the simple life has to offer.


About Yani

Yani is a twenty something momma based south of Manila. A newbie mom, an okay online freelancer, and an expert procrastinator. If she’s not working on her blog, you can find her pinning things on Pinterest, re-watching How I Met Your Mother and writing about herself in third person.

Likes: Sarcasm, vintage finds, desserts and the word “awesome”

Dislikes: Idiots, frogs, and somehow… Gigi Hadid.

She’s on Facebook sharing her favorite articles and various inappropriate memes.

Follow her on Twitter where she retweets random stuff other clever people come up with.

She rarely posts on Instagram and is just there stalking everyone else…

But she has gazillion imaginary things on Pinterest, so do check those out!




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