Tried : Purederm Intensive Healing Foot Mask

I was strolling around the beauty section (as usual…) looking for this foot peel I tried once but sadly, it was not in stock at the time so I stumbled upon this Purederm Intensive Healing Foot Mask instead. I got this packet that contains 1 pair of 16g foot mask at the beauty section of SM Department Store for P99. This is the first time I’m ever going to … Continue reading Tried : Purederm Intensive Healing Foot Mask

Tried : Uni Keratin Hair Reborn Treatment

Years of rebonding and coloring has left me with dry and brittle locks. That is why I am on a mission to find the one hair product that has the potential to fix what it is that I screwed up.  Today, we’re looking at UNI Keratin Hair Reborn Treatment by UNI Elements Enterprises. I’ve seen it sold before at an SM Supermarket for about Php70 per … Continue reading Tried : Uni Keratin Hair Reborn Treatment

Skincare | OST C20 Vitamin C Serum

OST Cosmetics C20 Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum

This is my first foray into advanced skin care. If you’ve been reading my previous beauty posts, you know I’m only beginning to be nicer to my skin. (and also because I want to get rid of adult acne. P*+@~$*!#+!!

I have tried Western skin care in the past, as well products from the derma’s clinic. See below :

But I wasn’t getting close to improving my skin. (Let’s save that for another blog post!)

So, I decided to try Korean skin care this time. After all, I’m here picking my nose clueless of where to begin, and they’ve already developed a 10-step skin care system. Makes you think the ladies there have a lot of free time. Anyway speaking of a lot, After A LOT of research, and I mean a shit ton of research, I came up with products I could try. And so…

Let’s start with OST C20 Vitamin C Serum and see if it works!

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Skincare | St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Moisturizer

I may have told you before how I used to like my face being dry and squeaky clean. I didn’t think much of skin care in the past and as long as I washed my face with soap before bed, I thought I was treating it well. If I got a blocked pore (which happened only all. the friggin. time.) I would be like “how dare you! I washed you with soap last night you ungrateful b*tch.”

For a long time, I’ve neglected the fact that Hydration is key to good skin and I used to think that moisturizers were only for people who have dry skin and live in colder countries. A little research and a few moisturizers later, I’ve proven my old self wrong. I am now a convert and have repented for  my sin against my skin. Whether you have dry skin or oily, living in North Pole or the Philippines, you. need. hydration. Drinking water isn’t enough because the skin is the last to benefit from the water we take, so our skin needs a little more boost. Trust me, your future self will thank you later. 🙂

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One western drugstore beauty product I’ve tried is this moisturizer from St. Ives : the Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Moisturizer.

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Skincare | Cleansers By Beauty Formulas

Beauty Formulas.jpg

(this is not a paid advertisement and all products were bought from my own money)

I’m extremely lazy when it comes to skin care. Make up remover? pff… exfoliator? whatever. Until recently, the worst thing imaginable happened. I got a bad case of Adult Acne.

Adult acne is what nightmares are made of. It’s so horrible I wish it upon people I hate. “I hope you get really bad acne, b*tch!” is what I imagine myself saying out of pure anger. Waking up in the morning having a shit ton of pimples is no fun at all. And thanks to acne, I’m forced to actually use stuff and suddenly, I found myself with a legitimate answer to “what’s your skin care regimen like?” Where my usual response would be something like “ehh… I sleep?”

And so my journey began towards better skin care. I mean, I’m still no expert. I’m also still trying to figure out what good products are out there for my Combination skin type.

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Skincare | Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Cover & Bright Fit

Skincare | Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Cover & Bright Fit

Let me start by saying that buying this BB cream was an impulse buy. I did not do extensive research online before I bought this, so yes, this is a risky purchase. What can I say? I like to live dangerously.

I was curious though. I mean, what is all this hoo haa about BB Creams and are they sooo great? I just had to find out for myself. Of course, I’ll be spilling out all the deets with you so you’d know what to expect and then it won’t be so much of a risky buy for you. Let’s check out Etude House’s Precious Mineral BB Cream Cover & Bright Fit with SPF 30.

Etude House BB Cream.jpg

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION : (a few words from the brand)

This is a Cover and Bright Fit BB Cream that smoothly glides onto skin with its Double Fitting Concealer Technology for flawless coverage and clean, bright, natural looking skin with its pearl extract. 

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Skincare | Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon

I’ve been a fan of underarm waxing for some time now. Since my pregnancy, my underarms became unsettlingly dark! (…TMI) I know they say it goes away on its own, but c’mon, I wasn’t going to risk it. So what I did was to avoid the things that were supposedly causing the problem and voila! my underarms turned out to be in much better condition than before I even got pregnant, which I’m so happy about, BTW. They’re still not good enough to be cast in a deo commercial, but I’m not complaining either!

Here are the 3 things I did to lighten my armpits:

  1. I stopped using deodorant altogether and switched to the miracle stone, our good ol’ Tawas 😉
  2. I used whitening cream (the one that Mosbeau has which retails for a little under P1,000)
  3. And lastly, I stopped shaving my armpits and started getting it waxed instead.

I’ve tried a few waxing salons in the past and I want to share with you my experiences so you’d know what to expect IF and WHEN you do decide to get WAXED. (But seriously, do it already!)

Today, i’m going to tell you how they do it at :

Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon

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