List | 10 Light Movies That Are Sure To Inspire You

10 Light Movies That Are Sure To Inspire You

I hate drama. Whether in real life or in the movies, I am absolutely allergic to drama. I get that from the daily political news already and truth be told, there’s more than enough drama from Senator Leila De Lima to last us a long time.

So when it comes to entertainment, I choose to keep it real light because a film doesn’t have to be heavy to have a huge impact.

Here we have ThatLaidBackChic’s Top 10 Light But Inspiring Movies of All Time

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Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?

I think I’ve heard enough knocking in this lifetime. I swear, if I hear another knock, I’m gonna go bat-shit crazy.

My daughter Zoey recently discovered the Disney movie Frozen and wouldn’t stop OBSESSING about it. I tell you, she’s gone insane over the stuff. She’s only 2 years old, so she’s obviously years late from when the movie exploded to become such a big hit, but in my household, the phenomenon has just started and it’s driving me crazy just the same.

giphy (1)

It’s Frozen when she wakes up and Frozen before we sleep. She’ll randomly break out in a song at any time of the day. My phone is filled with videos of her singing songs from Frozen that she likes to watch over and over.

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